• We Are East Nashville

    Helping Nashvillians Build a Stronger Community

  • A tornado ripped through Nashville on March 3, 2020

    It pulled roofs from homes...
    Tore pictures from walls...
    And left a sleeping city in shock.

    But there's one thing it could never take...

  • The Strength of Nashville

    This website was built for free by creative professionals who live in East Nashville.

    We were driven to action by the tornado...

    But our love for the city is what keeps us in action.

  • Getting Involved and Giving Back

    Nashville is a strong city.
    With your help, it will heal. But the work of strengthening a community never really ends.

    A select group of people will continue to help long after buildings are rebuilt and life returns to "normal".
    We intend to be part of that group.

  • Will You Join Us?

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    Help Us Build a Stronger City

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise funds and be a resource for Nashvillians in their efforts to support their community. We Are East Nashville is 100% volunteer driven and 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to charity.

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